September 13, 2018

Booking good! FREE fiction and other Kindle deals

Kindle deals FREE and discounted
“The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice” – George Eliot

Murder mysteries, crime thrillers, gritty urban fiction, vampire fantasies, short stories and long emotional journeys: this week there is a wide range of books, FREE and on special offer, to suit every taste. Plus, as usual, lots of romance titles to warm the heart’s cockles. Download now and don’t miss out!

*Please do check these deals are available in your location when downloading.
Two worlds collide in this gritty English urban fiction title.
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Twin brothers take two different paths in this emotional novel.
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A tech savvy woman investigates a murder.
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A young girl’s life takes a bad turn in this horror novel.
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Witch or werewolf? A YA shape-shifter fantasy.
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The faithful are in danger in ancient Rome…
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A local girl falls for a caring man in this sweet romance.
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Waking a vampire, trying to stay human…
A businessman is killed, a cynical detective investigates.
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Punchy short stories in diverse genres.
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A millionaire who doesn’t play by the rules.
A flash fiction horror anthology.
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“She has made me a slave to my desires.” A bad boy romance.
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Will a nerdy girl change a bad boy rancher’s ways?
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A first love is never forgotten. Not when he’s back in town.
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