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A Lifetime on the Stove by Jonathan Fraser

A Lifetime on the Stove by Jonathan Fraser

Frinton-on-Sea’s The Hat and the Mouse’s Chef Jonathan Fraser’s cookbook is much like his life; a rich tapestry of family history, classical French training, sumptuous recipes from both past and present, and stories from a career that has spanned 40+ years. With amusing tales on how he received a signed-copy of Escoffier’s ‘Guide to Modern Cookery’, and littered amongst other cameos of chefs-past who have influenced his ‘lifetime on the stove’, this cookbook deserves a place on any culinary aficionado’s shelf. Chef Fraser’s cookbook is filled with iconic classics, such as ‘The Original Sticky Toffee’ pudding, Paprika Goulash, Profiteroles, and authentic Apfelstrudel, together with glossy images of spectacular confectionery and chocolate-work that tempt both the eyes and the palate.

Working in professional kitchens can be compared to multitasking on a tightrope surrounded by canon-fire; moving pans back and forth over blistering heat, constantly adjusting time and temperature to achieve perfection, whilst orders are shouted back and forth amidst the clatter of service. This is cookbook has been forged from these very flames. It has been lovingly crafted from the finest ingredients, prepared and presented to the world for consumption, to enjoy, to satisfy and fulfil. It is the culmination of knowledge, creativity, and the passion for excellence that only comes from having benefited from the best training and experience.

Jonathan Fraser may not be a name you immediately recognise, but, in his illustrious career he’s cooked for many names you’re sure to know; Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Alec Guinness to name a few, now through the pages of this cookbook you will meet the man, respect the chef, and admire the creator.