BLONDE by Stan Jackson

Blonde - a murder mystery by Stan Jackson
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Under suspicion following his girlfriend’s murder, a man turns private investigator to find her real killer

It was a blossoming romance, cut short by a cruel murder. Perry Webster, a university lecturer at York University, is distraught at his young love’s death. But when the police start to suspect he was the culprit, his world is turned upside down.

Working in the local bar, his girlfriend was well-known and liked by many. Who could have killed her? Webster begins questioning the pub locals, to no avail. Yet his actions are carefully followed by the police, and several times he is brought in for questioning.

Just when the trail is going cold, Webster stumbles on a clue. This takes him down a dangerous path, confronting important people in political circles and dangerous criminals in the underworld. It will take all of Webster’s wit and learning to see through the lies that surround his girlfriend’s death.

But, like Webster, the reader is in for a surprise when the true identity of the killer is revealed. Having kicked a hornet’s nest the perpetrator maybe much closer to home than he first thought. Can he prove his case and clear his name?

BLONDE is the first in a series of murder mysteries with Perry Webster as private investigator. It is also available in paperback and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Look out for BRUNETTE, which is available on Kindle and also FREE with Kindle Unlimited, and RAVEN, which is coming soon.

BLONDE will appeal to fans of traditional whodunits like the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie and the detective fiction of G K Chesterton. The modern twist will be enjoyed by fans of Ian Rankin, Stuart McBride and Val McDermid.

Publisher: The Book Folks