Surge by Kelsey Lee Connors

Book Cover: Surge by Kelsey Lee Connors

A stunning steampunk fantasy fiction title by a Chicago based author

“Stunning cyberpunk fiction packed with action and adventure.” Jessie Chandler

A broken city, its people in chains, and a brave young woman who dares to be free

Chicago in 1922, reimagined. The city is ruled by a tyrannical energy company called The Corporation, the streets patrolled by the terrifying and corrupt Corp Bulls. Sixteen-year-old Evelyn O’Donnell takes karate lessons to defend herself in this dangerous dystopia, but she knows this is not enough. And when her father is mysteriously killed, it is a game changer.

Penniless but determined, she meets her brother’s friend, the charming and mischievous Black Jack player, Dante Malachi. Discovering a unique, magical power within herself, Evelyn and her new accomplice plot to sting the city’s speakeasies and avenge her father’s death.

But as the duo join the razzle-dazzle of Chicago’s underworld, Evelyn discovers her father had tried to protect her from the dark truth about this city and her past. And as they get involved with the mob, Evelyn knows she will have to do everything in her power if she ever hopes of reaching their shared dream of a life free from poverty and oppression.

“Alternative history fiction at its best. A wonderfully reimagined 1920s setting.” James Gallagher

Kelsey Lee Connors was born in the US and currently resides in Rome. SURGE is her first novel.