Fever Season by Kaley Jarstad

Fever Season by Kaley Jarstad
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Cedar Hills is a small ski town. Aspen Caraway was a normal seventeen-year-old girl.

At a big, end of summer party, Aspen runs into Olivia Peterson outside, a classmate whom she’s shared a contentious relationship with in the past. A drunken argument turns physical and Aspen pushes the other girl down a hill. Intoxicated, Aspen assumes the other girl is fine and leaves.

Two days later, Olivia is found dead in the woods behind her house.
Did Aspen kill her?

Frightened of her potential guilt, Aspen seeks to confirm her innocence by finding the real killer. She enlists the help of Olivia’s best friend, Jessica, and Olivia’s boyfriend, Connor; the boy she’s been in love with for years.
Their search leads them through a web of crime scenes, illicit relationships, unclear motivations, and one bizarre childhood secret. But just as the final answer seems to reveal itself, Aspen’s grasp on reality slips.

The story culminates with a deadly confrontation, begging the question: If you can’t trust yourself, how do you find the truth?