Raised Bed Gardening for Starters by Belle Taylor

The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Building Your Own Healthy and Productive Garden in Just 3 Days

Raised bed gardening

A beginner-friendly guide to gardening -- grow healthy plants, no green thumb required

Are you an aspiring gardener but can’t seem to keep your plants from withering?

Do you want to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from your own backyard?

Are you amazed by the beauty of nature and can’t help but feel calm at the sight of plants?

Forbes revealed a study showing that gardening can actually stop you from worrying and quiet your mind from the noise of everyday life.

With the rush of routine comes a need for a peaceful activity — one that will not only bring you delicious fruits and vegetables, but also a new sense of satisfaction.

Whether you want to create a healthful lifestyle, or you just love everything about gardening, life is so much better with plants — backed by science!

From fruits and vegetables to flowers and ornamentals, this step-by-step handbook is the only guide you’ll need to get started with your vibrant raised bed garden today.

In Raised Bed Gardening for Starters, here’s a fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • How to build a raised bed garden box in less than 1 hour
  • The materials you’ll need to create a garden box — and how to choose the right design for your specific gardening needs and goals
  • The soil mixture will make the difference between juicy fruits and vegetables — or stunted plant growth
  • The best time to water your garden and prevent droopy plants
  • The most important element of raised bed gardening (hint: this gives a seedling the much-needed nurturing to grow into a healthy, strong plant!)
  • How to keep your garden free from pest infestations and damage
  • The technique that will help you plant up to 15% more plants in the same area— make the most of your space!
  • 5 methods to protect your plants from events outside your control, like the forces of nature
  • How to rejuvenate your garden boxes for never-ending success, season after season

And much more.

Regardless of how little background knowledge you have of gardening, following the instructions inside is easier than you’d think — before you know it you’ll have a luscious, green haven right in your backyard.

Even if you’ve never built a thing in your life, with just a little effort, you’ll be reaping all the priceless rewards that raised bed gardening has to offer.

Get ready to witness just how much life is in those little seeds!