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Reframing negative thinking
$0.99 until September 25
The dash diet
$0.99 until September 27
7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+ by Liam Owen
7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+
guide to the kama sutra
A 3-Step Beginners Guide to the Kama Sutra T Langstaf
A love attempt
A Love Attempt by Morhaf Al Achkar
A practical DBT skills workbook
A Practical DBT Skills Workbook by C Edward & N Ideer
Are you a 360 Alpha
Are you a 360 Alpha? by Kabir Wats
Balance exercises for seniors
Balance Exercises for Seniors by Baz Thompson
Companion planting
Beginners Guide to Companion Planting by P. Shepperd
Being authentic
Being Authentic: A Memoir by Morhaf Al Achkar
Black thumb greenhouse
Black Thumb Greenhouse by J.D. Isaly
Book Cover: Body Architect by Julian Hayes II
Body Architect by Julian Hayes II
Breaking bad eating habits
Breaking Bad Eating Habits by Nick Swettenham
Breakneck booty
Breakneck Booty by Shelby Kennedy
Crusade against kidney disease
Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing by D. Bose
Daily self care
Daily Self-Care for Women by Dana Masters
Dash kids lunch break by Eva Iliana
Dash Kids Lunch Break by Eva Iliana
Dealing with change in your personal life by Alex Haydon
Dealing With Change In Your Personal Life by Alex Haydon
declutter your mind
Declutter Your Mind In A Year Or Less! by Kai Jordan
Decluttering mastery 3 in 1
Decluttering Mastery by Lisa Hedberg
Decluttering Workbook
Decluttering Workbook by Lisa Hedberg
Decode the secrets to weight loss
Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss by Daniel Zane Bryan
Diet for great sex
Diet for Great Sex by Christine DeLozier
Dig Deep Stand Tall by Adrian Hayward
Dig Deep, Stand Tall by Adrian Hayward
Down to earth herbalism
Down to Earth Herbalism for Beginners by Grace Chuchill
Fatty liver protocol
Fatty Liver Protocol by Dr J. Matthew Durham
Fit Decisions: Fitness and Faith by Dr. Sonnet Ford-Grant
Foraging in the pacific northwest
Foraging in the Pacific Northwest by Armand Hansen
Forget me not
Forget Me Not by Torri L Fisher
Vulnerable to victorious
From Vulnerable to Victorious by Tori Geiger
Gardening for the complete beginner
Gardening For The Complete Beginner by LD Greens
Gaslighting and abuse
Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery by Ellen J Cure
Gaslighting by Linda Hill
Gaslighting by Linda Hill
Get out of your head
Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2 by Brian Sachetta
Gut health for women
Gut Health for Women by Shane Corbitt
Harness secrets
Harness Secrets of First ‘Root’ Mooladhara Chakra by P. Singh
Healing through spirituality
Healing Through Spirituality by Travis Hemingway
Herbal medicine
Herbal Medicine for Beginners: A Simple Guide by Rory Boyle
Herbalism and natural remedies
Herbalism and Natural Remedies by Small Footprint Press
How to melt body fat
How to Melt Body Fat Without Diets or Gyms by Adam Grayston
life giving dementia care
Life Giving Dementia Care by Toni Kanzler
Low cholesteral diet book
Low Cholesterol Diet Cookbook by Marc Eland & Marie Folher
Macro diet cookbook
Marijuana growing secrets
Menopause relief
Menopause Relief by Louise H. Grant
Mindful coaching
Mindful Coaching by CG Beard
More than a gut feeling
More Than A Gut Feeling by Marc McLean
Never fear herbs are here
Never Fear Herbs Are Here by Katana Raine
Off grid living
Off Grid Living Bible by Bradley Stone
Off grid living step by step
Off Grid Living by Small Footprint Press
Overthinking is not the solution
Overthinking Is Not the Solution by Robert J. Charles
PCOS: Simple Symptom Solutions by Shawn Elliot
practical survival first aid
Practical Survival Skills by JP Logan
Relieve pain without side effects
Relieve Pain Without Side Effects by Lemerond & McBarron
Restorative yoga
Restorative Yoga for Beginners by Mia Caldwell
Reverse your type 2 diabetes
Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes by Lori Kitts
Simple container gardening
Simple Container Gardening by Arianne LeBeau
Sober on a drunk planet
Sober On A Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol by Sean Alexander
soccer mental toughness
Soccer Mental Toughness by Chest Dugger
Vegetarian cookbook
Step-by-step Illustrated Vegetarian Cookbook by Mykyta Vialov
Step by Step illustrated vegetaria cookbook
Step-by-step Veg. Cookbook by UCookFine Studio & M. Vialov
Stop toxic thoughts
Stop Toxic Thoughts by Cody Evans
Strength training after 50
Strength Training by Alicia Diaz & Lee Davidson
Strength training over 40
Strength Training Over 40 by Michael Smith
Stretching by Alicia Diaz and Lee Davidson
Stretching by Alicia Diaz & Lee Davidson
Summary and Analysis of Chatter
Summary & Analysis of Chatter| A Guide to E. Kross's Book
S & A This is your mind on plants
Summary of This is Your Mind on Plants 
Summary of the code breaker
Summary The Code Breaker| A Guide to W. Isaacson's Book
Survival Medical Handbook
Survival Medical Handbook by Bradley Stone
The addiction manifesto
The Addiction Manifesto by JR Weaver
Anti inflammatory diet
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowdown by Eric Boynton
Perimenopausal plan
The Complete Perimenopause Weight Loss Plan by Sara Harris-Hill
The complete plant based diet book
The Complete Plant Based Diet Cookbook by Paul Green
The day of trouble
The dreamers homestead garden
The Dreamer's Homestead Garden by Sophia Hall
The dying process
The Dying Process by Katie Duncan
Mastering your emotional heart print
THE E.Q. REVOLUTION by Michael Vincent Moore
The holistic book of herbal medicine
The Holistic Book of Herbal Medicine by Small Footprint Press
The limitless potential
The Limitless Potential of Your Manhood by Adam Law
The mental health prescription
The Mental Health Prescription by Igor Klibanov
Plant based juicing
The Plant Based Juicing And Smoothie Cookbook by Paul Green
The plant based on a budget cookcook
The Plant Based On A Budget Cookbook by Paul Green
The preppers long term survival
The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible by Jim Grylls
The preppers pantry
The Prepper’s Pantry by Ted Riley
Strength training
The seven keys to strength training for men over 50
The Suburban Grower by Marissa Clemont
The Suburban Grower by Marissa Clemont
Methylene blue
The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue by Mark Sloan
Total Fitness After 40 by Nick Swettenham
Total Fitness After 40 by Nick Swettenham
Total fitness and nutrition over 40
Unleash the healer within
Unleash the Healer Within by Tim Smith
Plant based lifestyle
Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle by Stefan Rieder
Wiccan protection spells
Wiccan Protection Spells by Cassandra Jade