Sudden Death of Thelma’s Fiance: Is It His Pet Snake Or A Murder Case?

Sudden death of Thelmas Fiance by R Matousek

by Robertello Matousek

John MacDonald commissions Paul Mackenzie, an investigative journalist and former FBI agent to look into the death of his elder son Jonathan after he is bitten and killed by his pet snake.

Would MacDonald hand over his second and only remaining son Johan to be jailed if proved guilty? His two sons are the brain behind MacTech10, a company in which Macdonald has invested his savings.

This book tells about the intrigue, injustice, rivalry, jealousy, conspiracy theories and twists and turns in Thelma’s love affair with Jonathan and her role in his murder.

It is a story that takes you from Austin, Texas to South Africa and back. Indeed, money and blood taste sweeter than justice.