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colouring book
Play with Dinosaurs by Kayla A. Bani
Equity Insight
Equity InSight by Ethan Cruz
A Trail of Honesty by J. A. Angelo
A Trail of Honesty by J. A. Angelo
Book Cover: The Ultimate Toddler Discipline Guidebook by CK Bayes
The Ultimate Toddler Discipline Guidebook by CK Bayes
Early Life Leadership in the Classroom Resources, Tidbits & Strategies to Grow Great Leaders by Christina DeMara
Early Life Leadership in the Classroom by Christina DeMara
Ultralearning Zip reads
Summary & Analysis of Ultralearning by Scott Young 
Raised Smart From a Father's point of view by Dalton Smith
Raised Smart: by Dalton Smith
Vehicles ABC
Vehicles ABC by O. J. O'Scurry
S is for by Christopher Davy
S is for...Short, sweet, simple Sports Coaching by Christopher Davy
Being silly not a bully by Myrna Fay Flick
Being Silly, Not a Bully by Myrna Fay Flick
Harrison Waits by Missy Hagen
Harrison Waits by Missy Hagen
hunt gather parent
Summary of Hunt, Gather, Parent| A Guide to M. Doucleff's Book
Riddley Doodley Drawings
Riddley-Doodley Drawings 1 by Lucia Muntean
Book Cover: Things on Springs - Animals by Nick Womack
Things on Springs - Animals by Nick Womack
Wendell and Wanda
Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami
Rocks and rhyme
Rocks and Rhyme 2 in 1 Fun by Brenda DeHaan
Summary what happened to you
Summary of What Happened to You?| Perry & Winfrey's Book A Guide
The flower fairies by Brenda DeHaan
The Flower Fairies Meet the Talking Rainbow Rocks by B. DeHaan
Raising a puppy by Brian Mahoney
Raising a Puppy Training Book by Brian Mahoney
a happy and healthy pregnancy
A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy by Amanda James
how to train your puppy
How to Train Your Puppy for Kids by Andrew Malcom
Funtastic! 507 Fantastic Fun Facts by Zach Olson
You will be a good mom
Yes! You WILL be a Good Mom!  by Kelly Preston
dont draw on mommys wall
Don't Draw on Mommy's Wall by Steph Ox
41 ways to amaze her
41 Ways to AMAZE Her by Gabriel Evans
9 untold secrets to pain free breast feeding
9 Untold Secrets to Pain-Free Breastfeeding by K. Whittaker
Simply Learn
Simply Learn - The History of Britain by Donald Mauluka
The guilty parents screen kids
The Guilty Parents - Screen Kids by J & K Woods
Grief on the playground
Grief on the Playground by Shanice McLeish
Preparing for birth
Preparing for Birth: Mothers by Jane Palmer
Rocks with socks and fox
Rocks with Socks and Fox by Brenda DeHaan
Brielle's birthday ball
Brielle’s Birthday Ball by Once Upon A Dance
Chessie  by Troy Townsin & illustrated by T. Glab
Classroom management
Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers by Freya Fan
SOS for the MOM by Mirella Acebo
SOS for the MOM by Mirella Acebo
Youre going to be a dad
You're Going To Be A Dad! by DaddiLife Books
baby sleep training
New Parent's Guide to Baby Sleep Training by N. Baker
Rapidly learn japanese
Rapidly Learn Japanese Speech in 7 Days or Less by R. Anderson
The smartphone addiction
The Smartphone Addiction Restriction by Concerned Citizen Pub
Tech-ology by Angie Rumaldo
Sissies adventures
Sissies Adventure Series 3-book Box Set by Marisa Howard
Parenting teenagers
The Ultimate Handbook For Parenting Teenagers by Kathy Wynne
My strength is her strength
My Strength Is Her Strength by Leslie K. Brown
Changes in me
Changes In Me During Puberty by Elizabeth Maatman
My escape
My Escape by Latanya Lyons
Fearless pregnancy
Fearless Pregnancy by Jeby Vega
I can't stop growing
I can't stop growing by Rob & Amanda Dighton
Coding for kids
Coding for Kids in C++ by Bob Mather
The first time father
The First Time Father by Alfie Thomas
babys first year
First Time Father’ Baby’s First Year by Thomas Alfie
Moms guide to parenting teenage daughters
"Mom's Guide" Parenting Your Teenage Daughter by T Cobbs
Shortcut to Korean
Shortcut to Korean by Skip the Subtitles
Abenteuer mit Apollo
Abenteuer mit Apollo/Adventures with Apollo by B. DaHaan
Python programming ultimate guide
Python Programming by Mark Reed
Python intermediate guide
Python Programming: Intermediate by Alex Stark
The first time dad pregnancy guide
The First Time Dad's Pregnancy Guide by Nathan Mullins
Life advice for teens
Life Advice for Teens from an Ageless Grandma by B. Da Haan
Dad's newborn guide
The First Time Dad's Newborn Guide by Nathan Mullins
Learn more Lovemore
Learn More Lovemore - Toddler To Teen by C. Lovemore
C# programming
C#: The Ultimate Intermediate Guide by Mark Reed
SQL programming
SQL: The Ultimate Intermediate Guide by Mark Reed
Python machine learning
Python Machine Learning: Beginner's Guide by Mark Reed
New dad
New Dad by Ryan Erickson
Woudl you rather by Burt Lloyd
Would You Rather book for kids ages 7-13 by Burt LLoyd
Cat naps
Cat Naps, Dog Naps: Who Naps More? by Brenda DeHaan
Stock market for teens
Stock Market Investing for Teens by Myles West
How to write a paragraph
How to Write a Paragraph Using Study Skills by Stephanie Reeves
First time father blue
First Time Father by Everett Woods
ADHD raising an explosive child
ADHD: Raising an Explosive Child by Lois Baxter
Anger Management for Parents
Anger Management for Parents by Vivian Foster
Ending the power struggle
Ending the power struggle by Heather McMillan
Guided self love workbook
Guided Self-Love Workbook for Teen Girls by Annabelle Pierce
Baby led weaning
Baby Led Weaning by Layla Stephens
Complete spanish workbook
Complete Spanish Workbook - Adult Beginners by ExploreToWin
Coding for kids
Coding for Kids 5 Books in 1 by Bob Mather
Spain and portugal travel guide
Spain and Portugal Travel Guide 2022 by Explore ToWin
Learn Spanish for Adults
Learn Spanish For Adult Beginners Bundle by Explore ToWin
Built for this
Built for This by Zach Tobin
Parenting children with ADHD
Parenting Children with ADHD by Vivian Foster
Not him or her
Not ‘Him’ Or ‘Her’: Supporting My Non-Binary Child by M. Mann
C#: 2 books in 1 by Mark Reed
C# the ultimate advanced guide
C# by Mark Reed
Book Cover: SQL by Mark Reed
SQL by Mark Reed
The big book of interesting facts
The Big Book of Interesting Facts and Stories Leonidas Klapsakis
Building your family forever
Building Your Forever Family by Danise Rapetti
The elementary bugler
The Elementary Bugler by Scott Sterling
Italian phrasebook
Italian Phrasebook For Adult Beginners by Explore ToWin
Would you rather by Fluffels House
Would You Rather Game Book for Kids 6-12 by Fluffels House
Learn Intermediate Spanish for Adults
Learn Intermediate Spanish by Explore ToWin
Hallo darkness my old friend
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend by Sanford D. Greenberg
Canning Mastery by Linda C Johnson
Canning Mastery : 3 Books In 1 by Linda C Johnson
Take away my anger
Take Away My Anger by Rafiq Yousafzai
Life skills for teens
Life Skills for Teens by Vivian Foster
Overthinking is not the solution for teens
Overthinking Is Not the Solution For Teens by Robert J Charles
forces of life 2
FORCES OF LIFE by David Shepard
All year through for cute you
All Year through for Cute You by Volha Melgaard
Journey of a twelve year old
Journey of a 12yr old, by M Heywood-Munne
The art of note taking
The Art Of Note Taking by Thinknetic
Bullies friends and taekwando
Bullies, Friends and Taekwondo Dr Kathleen M Favaloro DC PT
The ultimate worryfree pregnancy
The Ultimate Worry-Free Pregnancy Guide for Dads C Holyes
Laloni's family addiction
Laloni's Family Addition by Vivienne K. Munn
Archie the architect
Reclaiming life
Reclaiming Life by Maureen Michele
The art of team communication
The Art of Team Communication by Don Rossmoore
Buddy and Bailey
Buddy and Bailey's Alaskan Adventure by Kai Reeg
Learning german
Learning German Using Storytelling by Guiliana Penna 
Calm happy kids
Calm, Happy Kids by Rob Plevin
The cool kids
The Cool Kids: Children's fiction by Lawrence Vaughn
A day of joy
A Day of Joy with Daddi Ji by Chachi's Storytime
Finding daddy's glasses
Finding Daddy's Glasses by Phil Della
100 best high schools
100 Best High Schools for Ivy League by Gian Pittard
100 best marriage practices
100 Best Marriage Practices by Sweet Palmer
100 best ivy league
100 Best Ivy League Scholarship Opportunities by G Pittard
learning spanish using storytelling
Learning Spanish Using Storytelling by Guiliana Penna
Positive parenting for toddlers
Positive Parenting for Toddlers By Alma Aldrich
The learning book
The Learning Book by Sheryl Piner
Differentiated instruction
Teach Differentiated Instruction Online by Sheryl Piner
Readers guide to reading
The Intelligent Reader’s Guide To Reading by Thinknetic
Amazing ants
Amazing Ants by Wild Pages Publishing
What did Lulu see?
What Did Lulu See?: An Active Imagination Book by Laine Valentino
How to self learn anything
How To Self-Learn Anything by Thinknetic
The art of self learning
The Art Of Self-Learning by Thinknetic
How parents can help their children develop
How Parents Can Help Their Children Develop Powerful Life-Changing Habits by Vernice Pullins
Im going to be a dad
I’m Going to be a Dad! by David Hall
Social anxiety relief for teens
Social Anxiety Relief for Teens by Jason Forte
Discovering leaders within
Discovering Leaders Within by L Larson
The wisdom answer by Lenora E Trembath
The Wisdom Answer by Lenora Trembath
Self-learning mastery by Thinknetic
Self-Learning Mastery by Thinknetic
The three pillars of stoicism by Thinknetic
The Three Pillars Of Stoicism by Thinknetic
Modern converstions of a slave woman by Mitchelle Harvey
Modern Conversations of a Slave Mother by Mitchelle Harvey
Dear sam by Dewey Wright
Dear Sam by Dewey Wright
The well-mannered horse by Meredith Hill
The Well-Mannered Horse by Meredith
Chaos to calm by Melissa A Roberts
Chaos to Calm by Melissa A Roberts
Which would you choose by Julie D'ann
Which Would YOU Choose?: I GET to choose! by Julie D'Ann
Constellations for kids by Aniela publications
Constellations for Kids by Aniela Publications
Adulting life skills for teen girls by Amora Rose
Adulting Life Skills For Teen Girls by Amora K Rose
Pregnancy Guide for Men by Damian Heath
Pregnancy Guide for Men by Damian Heath
FIERCE Mothers Create The Life Of Your Dreams
FIERCE Mothers by Ugochi Onyewu
The big book of adulting lifeskills by Emily Carter
The Big Book of Adulting Life Skills for Teens by Emily Carter
Book Cover: Dreams Takeoff by Jason Hallenborg
Dreams Takeoff by Jason Hallenborg
The sibling connection by Sylvia Torrence
The Sibling Connection by Sylvia Torrence
Lessons in chemistry by Alice Moore
Lessons in Chemistry (Companion Guides Book 3) by Alice Moore
The silva mind control method by Liam Daniels
workbook: The Silva Mind Control Method by Liam Daniels
A day of pride
A Day of Pride by Roy Youldous-Raiss
Sweet dreams and heavy machines by Shane Lege
Sweet Dreams Heavy Machines by Shane Lege
My big heart by Jennifer Fae
My Big Heart by Jennifer Fae
Potty training by Alfie Thomas
Potty Training Like a Pro by Alfie Thomas
Pregnancy guide for men by Wifrid Wise
The 15 Essential Steps: a Pregnancy Guide for Men by Wilfrid Wise
From the page to the stage by ann noriel
From The Page To The Stage by Ann Noriel
Crush mom guilt bu Trina O'Brien
Crush Mom Guilt by Trina & Tara O'Brien
Mom on the run by Karen Morris
Mom on the Run by Karen Morris
The fertility book by Tamara ZumMallen
The Fertility Book by Dr Tamara ZumMallen
Anger Unmasked for Parents by Sarah Thompson
Anger Unmasked for Parents by Sarah Thompson
Bedtime Stories by Anna Horbatenko
Bedtime Stories: Little Bunny and The Big Race by Anna Horbatenko
Study and Exam Guide of Series 65: Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination
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The secrets behind mind mapping
The Secrets Behind Mind Mapping by Wisdom University
Safer childbirth by Gina Mundy
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Relief from Social Anxiety and Stress for Teens by Succeed Now
$0.99 until October 14
Fantastically Twisted by Ava May
Fantastically Twisted by Ava May
Fancy Visits Connecticut Georgia and Idaho by Lisa Galdos and Brooke Beaver
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Study and Exam Guide The Certified Professional Biller by Dr Vince Mikeal
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Atomic Mindset by Gianna Powel
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FTCE Middle Grades Study and Exams Guide
Discounted until October 03
Hesi Admission Assessment Study and Exams Guide
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Autism positive parenting by Sharon Daven
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