The Lizzard in Lizzy’s Gizzard by Charles W Page

The Lizzard in Lizzy's Gizzard by Charles W. Page

What happens when Lizzy swallows a chameleon lizard named Lazarus?

Brace yourselves for a hilarious journey in this Christian kids picture book that's designed to "Make Me Laugh!" Kids will be captivated as they follow Lizzy's escapades with her unexpected gizzard guest.

This picture book is not just about lizards – it's about choices and consequences, truth-telling, and creative thinking. It even adds a whimsical twist to picture books about doctors with doctors fussing and bickering over the unusual case.

But that's not all. In this unique Christian kids picture book, young readers will discover the importance of enduring unjust situations, the power of a sincere prayer, and the value of working together in life's challenges.

Will Lazarus survive in the green, smelly gizzard, or will he meet a murky end?

Join Lizzy and Lazarus in a laughter-filled, faith-inspired adventure.

This book about lizards, choices, and doctors is a delightful combination of humor, life lessons, and a touch of faith, perfect for both kids and parents to enjoy together.