Short stories

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Book Cover: UNSEEMLY BEHAVIOR: STORIES by Vaughn T. Stanford
Miscellany by Andrew Lamont
Miscellany by Andrew Lamont
bite-size stories by Sharon Sherry
Bite-Size Stories | 22 Dark Tales by Sharon Sherry
The Complete Collected works of Steven Havelock by Steven Havelock
The Complete Collected Works by Steven Havelock
Dickslip: (A Scandalous Slip Story #1) (The Slip Series) by Gwyn McNamee
Dickslip by Gwyn McNamee
Saving Sam's Soul by Allan Cheshire King
Saving Sam's Soul by Allan Cheshire King
Cover Stories (Volume 1 - Sinners & Beginners) by Richard Easter
Cover Stories by Richard Easter
No Happy Endings by Gábor Eichammer
No Happy Endings by Gábor Eichammer
The eternal darkness
The Eternal Darkness by Steven Havelock
IRRESISTIBLE (A Short Story) by Cecil Hansson
IRRESISTIBLE (A Short Story) by Cecil Hansson
True Tales of a Traveller: Alternative Medicine by Alix Lee
True Tales of a Traveller: Alternative Medicine by Alix Lee
Michelangelo 2000 by Ruth J Burroughs
Michelangelo 2000 and other microstories by Ruth Burroughs
26 Absurdities by Matthew C Woodruff
26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions by Matthew C. Woodruff
Playing games with boys
Playing Games With Boys by Charlotte Ross
The Tao of Pam by Suzanne Jenkins
The Tao of Pam by Suzanne Jenkins
Tales from the big country by Various
Tales from Big Country by multiple authors
The Wicked Wolves ofWindsor by Byrd Nash
The Wicked Wolves of Windsor: and other fairytales by Byrd Nash
Summer Snoops Unleashed front cover
Summer Snoops Unleashed by multiple authors
Leave me Breathless by various
Leave Me Breathless: Romance Anthology by multiple authors
Christmas wishes
Christmas Wishes by Multiple Authors
High Profile by Bud Craig
Two dogs at the one dog inn
Two Dogs At The One Dog Inn by David John Griffin
Lessons from my mothers life by Tam may
Lessons From My Mother's Life by Tam May
Tales from the aether
Tales From The Aether By Matthew C. Woodruff
Last Chance Beach
Last Chance Beach: Summer's End by multiple authors
Resistance revolution
Resistance, Revolution & Other Love Stories by K.
Mr CEO jerk
Mr. CEO Jerk by Loni Ree
Bought: Last Chance Series - 1 by A. L. Long
A single round
A Single Round by R.A. Jacobson
dear santa
Dear Santa: A Christmas Wish by Multiple Authors
New year's eve shorts
New Year's Eve Shorts by multiple authors
Jenny on the street
Jenny on the Street by David Haldane
dreamy quirky
Dreamy Quirky by David Swan
Possessed by passion
Possessed by Passion by multiple authors
The lord shiva narrative
Off the rails
Off the Rails by K.A. Lenski
sea of glass by Tricia D. Wagner
SEA OF GLASS by Tricia D. Wagner
As it should be
As It Should Be by Shawna James
Lying and making a living by William Dunlap
Lying and Making a Living by William Dunlap
When pigs fly
When Pigs Fly by David Swan
Head over heels
Head over Heels by multiple authors
Dreams desires and dead ends
Dreams, Desires And Dead Ends by Robin Chappell
50 States
50 States by Richard Becker
Witherpools by Jason Durant
For the soul
For the Soul by Barbara Daniels Dena
On the wings of a prayer
On the Wings of a Prayer by Kola Kupoluyi
Love wins
Love Wins by multiple authors
Afro boogie blues
Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection by Lauren Wilson
Ghost stories
Ghost Stories VOL II by HJ Tidy
Layers: A Collection of Short Stories by Suzanne Belec
Fall back into love
Fall Back Into Love by multiple authors
The Black Velvet Dress by J. E. Clarkson
The Black Velvet Dress: Supernatural Horror by J. E. Clarkson
Good news for dead people
Good News for Dead People by Jamie Waters
Kamatari & Minoru by Dan Arman
Kamatari & Minoru Hate Bones and other stories by Dan R Arman
Winter enchantment by Malina Douglas
Winter Enchantment by Malina Douglas
The race by john russo
The Race: A humorous story by John Russo
Fantastically twisted by Ava May
Fantastically Twisted by Ava May
Step lively by Sherri Moshman Paganos
Step Lively by Sherri Moshman-Paganos
Fresh Ereba by Kiran Dellimore
Fresh Ereba: Caribbean Bedtime Stories by Kiran HJ Dellimore
Paw prints on the couch by Kim Lengling
Paw Prints on the Couch by Kim Lengling
Connections by RL Mosz
Connections: Five Stories of Renewal & Redemption by RL Mosz
Key 13 by Rose Titus
Key 13 And Other Stories by Rose Titus
Fantastically twisted gods and heroes by ava may
Fantastically Twisted by Ava May
Snowed in by Hydra productions
Snowed In: Hydra Productions Online Holiday Collection
Holiday collection by Jacie Middlemann
Holiday Collection Box Set by Jacie Middlemann
Complete fiction by Brett Nicholas Moore
Complete Fiction by Brett Nicholas Moore
Greek mythology by Adrian Danvers
Greek Mythology by Adrian Danvers
Agathas daughter by allana seda
Agatha's Daughter by Allana Seda
Mischief A Halloween Novella (The Original Sinners) by Tiffany Reisz
Mischief: A Halloween Novella by Tiffany Reisz
Our First Christmas by Gem Frost
Our First Christmas by Gem Frost
i AM ON DEATH ROW (As told through the eyes of a killer) by Michelle Iden
I AM ON DEATH ROW by Michelle Iden
Talented by Debbie Civil
Talented by Debbie Civil
Mountian Man's Girl by Chloe Morgan
Mountain Man's Girl by Chloe Morgan
Thank you Mercury by Carmen Gloaria
Thank You Mercury! by Carmen Gloria
Sigma Protocol: Jane Poole Genesis Part One by Michael Penmore
Sigma Protocol (Jane Poole Genesis Part One) by Michael Penmore
The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule by Doris Fisher
Loves fresh start by neanine lauren
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The novice ghost hunter by Martin J Best
The novice ghost hunter by Martin J. Best
making her mine
Making Her Mine by Kash Lamar
The rubber stamp
The Rubber Stamp by Jeff Margrett
I think I'm Jewish
I Think I'm Jewish by Steven Simon
whispers of the jungle by elizabeth blair
Whispers of the Jungle by Elizabeth Blair