Saving Sam’s Soul by Allan Cheshire King

Saving Sam's Soul by Allan Cheshire King

A graphic and gritty legal thriller novella with tantalizing twists and turns, mafia mayhem, lawless lawyering, and phony philosophies.

Captivated by greed and lust, Samuel Keene is eager to indulge in a buffet of drugs, women, and extravagance. Samuel Keene is a criminal defense attorney who struggles to find out who he wants to be. Early on in his career, Samuel took a dangerous shortcut, which will haunt him for years to come. To make matters worse, Samuel’s number one client—Mark Mattola, a mobster—can’t stay out of trouble. Ultimately, Mark’s devious deeds thrust Samuel into a heart-wrenching trial filled with scandal, deceit, and lies. With his career and marriage hanging in the balance, will Samuel be able to recapture his tortured soul?

An unforgettable legal thriller novella with a devilish twist.