Politics and environment

If you don’t have one, you can’t have the other!


Apocalypse never
Summary Apocalypse Never:  Guide to M. Shellenberger's Book
Summary & Analysis Mueller Report
Summary & Analysis of the Mueller Report
Summary & analysis - The moment of lift
Summary & Analysis of The Moment of Lift | A Guide to the Book by Melinda Gates
Unfreedom of the press zip reads
Summary & Analysis of Unfreedom of the Press
Blood in the Ozarks by Clint Lacy
Blood in the Ozarks by Clint Lacy
Between the world and me
Summary & Analysis of Between the World and Me 
A view of british politics
A View Of British Politics by Ken Ross
dont burn this book
Summary & Analysis of Don't Burn This Book
Shitolian by O Persaud
Me and white supremacy
Summary of Me and White Supremacy
War 19 Trump
War 19 Trump vs. China J. Alton Beauchamp
War 19 Biden
War 19 Biden vs. China by J. Alton Beauchamp
Book Cover: Summary of Caste: A Guide to I. Wilkerson's Book
Summary of Caste: A Guide to I. Wilkerson's Book
Fake history
Fake History by Michael Yu
Summary| A Guide To C. Owen's Book
No rules rules
Summary of No Rules Rules| A Guide to Hastings & Meyer's Book
make enterprise great again
Make Enterprise Great Again by EMP Mavericks
Summary do live not by lies
Summary of Live Not By Lies | A Guide to R. Dreher's Book
To the next generation of evangelical leaders
To the Next Generation of Evangelical Leaders by Michael Antonacci 
Killing crazy horse
Summary of Killing Crazy Horse:  | A Guide to B. O'Reilly's Book
Tiny blunders
Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters by Jared Knott
Return to Tybee
Return to Tybee by Annette Bergman
White fragility
Summary - White Fragility|A Guide to a Book by R. DiAngelo
Credibtz by Antonella Silipigni
Book Cover: Summary A Promised Land: Guide to B. Obama's Book
Summary A Promised Land: Guide to B. Obama's Book
Uncomfortable conversations
Summary of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
New way of life
A New Way Of Life: Globalization Can Kill You by Samy Barnat
Summary of The color of law
Summary of The Color of Law| Guide to R. Rothstein's Book
Book Cover: Philosophy and the Future by Zoltan Istvan
Philosophy and the Future by Zoltan Istvan
Summary analysis of how to avoid
Summary Avoid a Climate Disaster | A Guide to B. Gates's Book
European Politics on Drugs: A True Story of How Shameless Political Corruption Destroyed a Brilliant Product by Christoph Klein
European Politics on Drugs by Christoph Klein
Shortest way home
Summary & Analysis of Shortest Way Home | A Guide to the Book by Pete Buttigieg
I was Justin's Nanny by David Belisle
I Was Justin's Nanny by David Belisle
How to be an antiracist
Summary & Analysis of How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
race and politics
SUMMARY BUNDLE | White Fragility - Race & Politics in America
Trump Lies
Trump Lies And Evangelical Christians by John Murray
Snapped!: (Snippets Book 4) by Phil Berto
Im still here
Summary & Analysis of I'm Still Here
Summary & Analysis of Rage
Summary of Rage: A Guide to B. Woodward's Book
Globalisation has no future
Globalisation has No Future by S. Barnat