Trump Lies And Evangelical Christians by J Murray

A Study of Sin, Sanctification, and Holiness-Impeaching Trump and Evangelical Christians

Trump Lies

Donald Trump and evangelicals don't go together or do they? Trump has lied over 18,000 times yet evangelicals don't seem to care. Trump is the antithesis of everything evangelical Christians believe in yet they are his base supporters. What consequences are there for the Christian according to God's word?

This book is an assessment, not of President Donald Trump, but of the evangelical church in the United States. It answers the question: Does voting for Donald Trump and supporting him now make one “unholy”? It is vital to get that right because“Without holiness, no man shall see the LORD.” (Heb 12:14)

The same group of people wanting to impeach President Clinton empowered President Donald Trump a man who has been married three times, has had multiple affairs, has paid porn-stars to keep his sexual exploits quiet, has made money in casinos and strip clubs, has cheated his contractors out of money, and has been documented as telling thousands of lies since his inauguration. For Christians to support a man like this is hypocrisy. It has cost them their witness as they have lost their moral authority.

The 4th Chapter in “Trump Lies and Evangelical Christians”, is based on J.C. Ryle’s book, “Holiness”and will help us see where we are and what we need to do RIGHT NOW. Ryle says, “there is nothing worse than apathy, indifference, stagnation, and deadness.” Now is the time to retake lost moral and ethical ground or it will not end well. We must lament, repent, and turn back to the LORD so we can have real revival. We need to know all about Sin, Sanctification, and Holiness.