THE CRY OF THE LAKE: Paranormal suspense by Charlie Tyler

Can Lily and Flo discover what is hiding in the murky waters of the lake before the killer strikes again? Lily must go back to the events of her childhood and face what happened at the boat house all those years ago…

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The cry of the lake

A GAME OF BROKEN MINDS: A Science Fiction Thriller by Tom Jolly

Cory lives on the street. He takes up an offer from Dr Hanson, a pharmacist with aspirations of greatness. After taking a pill from batch 41, Cory unlocks more than just his potential…

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A game of broken minds

THE MUSCLE MINDSET: Master Fitness & Workout Motivation To Keep You On Track To Big Gains by Joe Patton

Train yourself to stop making excuses and stick to your fitness plan. The secret lies in knowing how to align your mind with your goals…

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The muscle mindset

MURDER ON THE HEATH: a suave murder mystery with a great twist by Sabina Manea

Relationship counsellor, Alec Penney, apparently electrocuted himself on a dodgy coffee maker. Well, at least that’s the theory until Lucia Steer, civilian investigator with Kentish Town CID, visits the scene…

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Murder on the heath

COMMON SENSE INVESTING WITH STOCK SCREENERS: Make Stock Investing a Safe Bet With the Right Tools by James Pattersenn Jr.

Would you like to have the perfect all-in-one stock screening guide that you could use to find the most profitable stocks in the market? Behold – the stock screener!

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Common sense investing stock screeners

THE SMALLEST CREATURES: a fateful road trip full of murder, mystery and suspense by Dan McNay

A young man agrees to drive an older woman and her grand-daughter from New Orleans to her trailer in Nashville – a road trip that goes from bad to worse…

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The smallest creatures

SMALL TOWN MURDERS: Irish mysteries with a dose of dark humour by Anne Crosse

Three cozy whodunnits! A judge is found dead in his courthouse, two bodies are discovered in a well, and human flesh is found vacuum-packed at a recycling plant!

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Small town murders png

BLUE FALCON: Military fiction by Terry Lloyd Vinson

Deron Barrow’s television career was soon derailed by rumours concerning his real-life military history. Now it’s time to put things right, but he may have to revisit the life-or-death survival skills once reserved for a television soundstage…

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Blue Falcon by Terry LLoyd Vilson

THE INNOCENTS by Nathan Senthil

Detective Joshua Chase’s life-long quest to find the most elusive and violent robber in the United States is about to end. But not in the way he hoped. A brand new thriller!

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The innocents by Nathan Senthil


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