KAROLINA DALCA, DARK EYES (The Dark Eyes): Urban fantasy by M. R. Noble

Blindsided by an attack that destroys her home, Karo a half-vampire, escapes and is on the run. She vows to clear her name and avenge her mother’s death, but Karo’s family secrets aren’t so easily left behind…

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Dark eyes

STEALING TIME: An intriguing murder mystery (Gus Keane PI Series Book 5) by Bud Craig

PI Gus Keane is enjoying the quiet life when two events transpire to disrupt the peace. A man turns up on his doorstep claiming to be his half-brother, and a body is found in a local Salford street…

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Stealing time

SHE: A gripping serial killer detective thriller (Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 1) by Pete Brassett

A missing persons case soon becomes murder. With a serial killer on their hands they must act fast but as the plot thickens they realise the crime is far graver than they could have imagined…

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THE WARRIOR QUEEN (The Guinevere Trilogy Book 1) by Lavinia Collins

Set in an age where rivalries were settled by the sword, and kingdoms could rise or fall for the love of a woman, enjoy this exciting medieval romance about Guinevere, the young bride of the legendary King Arthur…

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The Warrior Queen by Lavinia Collins

PIERCED DREAMS (The Rivers Brothers Book 4): Historical romantic suspense by Lynn Landes

Inventor Pierce Rivers has his life planned out. Sell his inventions and meet a sweet, mild woman to marry. His plan didn’t include being robbed by a beautiful baker or hunted by a ruthless killer…

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Pierced dreams


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