GOOSE ISLAND: A science fiction fantasy romance by Lucinda Davis

Joy finds herself lost in her daydreams. She begins visiting a fictional place called “Goose Island” where many strange and unusual people live, but as time goes on, she struggles to differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy…

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Goose Island

THE LITTLE DEATH (Sarah Till's STRONG WOMEN Series Book 1) by Sarah Till

Patti is an aetiologist studying pollination on the moor, but a plane wreck, a psychic neighbour, her husband’s sinister secrets and the arrival of a mysterious stranger bring with them a large dose of the unexpected…

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The little death

LAKE GIRL: A teen & young adult supernatural mystery by Cynthia Kumanchik

Lily dies on the lake, but she has no idea who killed her. Instead, she is stuck in limbo as a spirit. Rose, Lily’s biological mother, is determined to get justice and shares a special psychic connection with the daughter she has never known until now…

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Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik


A new book looking at ways to combat bullying which blends delightful stories with helpful tips for middle schoolers and young adults who may feel like they are alone or afraid and in need of help.

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School and my bully

OUT OF THE COLD DARK SEA: A Seattle Waterfront Mystery by Jeffrey D. Briggs

When Martha’s friend goes missing and his empty van is pulled out of the sea, she sets off to find the truth about what has happened, even if that means confronting her own dark past…

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out of the cold dark sea


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