TO HONOUR THE DEAD: a thrilling murder mystery (DCI Jack Harris Book 4) by John Dean

The war memorial at Levton Bridge has been vandalised. When a local WWII veteran is found brutally murdered, DCI Jack Harris suspects that there must be some connection…

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To honour the dead

BILLIONAIRE UNDERCOVER: The Billionaire's Obsession ~ Hudson by J.S.Scott

One geology intern who desperately needs to be rescued from a hostage situation. One billionaire who has the capability to save her life. Two people who are inexplicably drawn to each other…

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billionaire undercover

A FATAL LIAISON: Irish detectives investigate a cold-blooded murder (The Dublin Homicides Book 2) by David Pearson

A man is found in his car, having met a painful death. Another in the woods, clearly been murdered. What’s the connection? DI Aiden Burke leads the investigation that turns up some unusual findings…

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A Fatal liaison

SAVAGE BAY NIGHTMARE: a woman fights for justice in this gripping thriller by Anna Willett

When her brother is framed for murder, it falls to Lucy Hush to investigate and the race is on to find the real culprit…

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Savage bay nightmare

COMBAT TO COLLEGE: Applying The Military Mentality To The Classroom: How To Succeed As A Student Veteran by John H Davis

Utilize the unique skills and discipline gained in the military to succeed in higher education. Your experiences make you capable of not only graduating but creating the life you want after your military service…

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Combat to college

THE CALL OF MAGIC (The Fool's Journey Book 1): Romantic fantasy fiction by A.R.C.

On her last day of college. Emma finds herself branded by a strange mark. She is thrust into a world of magic, stolen away from her home, and forced into magical servitude…

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The call of magic

THE HISTORY TEACHER: A historical mystery thriller by Susan Bacon

During the blizzard of 1978, on the outskirts of her Delaware estate, a woman is found dead. Nearby, in a deep ravine, a CIA officer lies buried under two feet of snow. Their secret meeting – sabotaged…

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The history teacher

THE GIRL AND THE DEADLY END (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 7) by A.J. Rivers

It has been more than a year since Emma Griffin stumbled upon a clue behind the dangerous secrets of her past. Now, she has the answers at her fingertips. The only question is will she survive long enough to find them?

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The girl and the deadly end


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