I Was Justin’s Nanny by David Belisle

I was Justin's Nanny by David Belisle
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The Liberal red tidal wave of support had receded, revealing a new prime minister on the Hill. It’s the daring, debonair Justin Prudhomme … and his delicious dark locks.

Issues pile up quickly. The stuffed shirts and stiff collars need to be ironed out. A hungry media awaits their daily dish and there’s simply no end to the dirty laundry. But that’s all on the Hill. Justin’s wife Josie is busy producing a CBC documentary on saving lemmings. Somebody must tend to the home fires.

Enter Marie  . The 52-year-old, chain-smoking native of St. Louis-du-Ha-Ha! has been around the block. Of unemployment. Dumb luck and dumber clerical staff allow her in the door at 24 Sussex.

Today’s hot potatoes – are mashed onto the prime minister’s plate. Can Justin govern? Can Marie stand the heat in the kitchen? Has anyone seen the kids?

Marie tells all in this first-person perspective from Canada’s number one nanny.