The Man Who Voted for Trump by Gilligan Malden

The man who voted for Trump

Nearly 63,000,000 million Americans voted for Donald J. Trump in the November 2016 Presidential Election.  Buck Winner was one of those voters. This is his story.

Haunted by memories of his parents' murders, and a long lost love, Buck is fired in October 2014 after 12-years of steady employment at a tractor parts supply factory in Canon City, Colorado.

A year later, while barely scraping by on unemployment, Buck becomes fascinated by the 'no bullshit swagger' of Donald J. Trump and throws all of his free time into campaigning for the brash Republican Nominee in 2016.

Disappointed by the lack of decent job opportunities post-Trump's Election win, and feeling more lonely and isolated than ever, Buck decides, in a belated New Years resolution--to get healthier by joining the local gym and enrolling in a class on plant-based cooking.

As his body and mind struggle to heal, circumstances nudge him into confronting long-held prejudices and fears--questioning Trump's erratic policies and their devastating effects on his immediate friends who have vanished without a trace, caught between opposite sides of one of the biggest drug busts in Colorado state history.

By the time Buck realizes he is the contest winner of an extreme sports PR stunt promoting the first anniversary of Trump's inauguration, an excruciating moral dilemma forces him into a reckless decision--one that will alter his life forever.

Often satirical, and sometimes horrific, "The Man Who Voted For Trump" takes the frazzled temperature of today's polarized era, and the 'agony and the ecstasy' of an America gone mad.