DMI by Okey Eni

DMI by Okey Eni

Dictatorship, Military rule was the order of the day in Africa, not long ago. But Africans fought for democratic rule, many were killed, many were brutally murdered by despotic Military rulers.

This is the story of the struggle for constitutional government in Nigeria.

The S.S. Squad of the Directorate of Military Intelligence, wielded the power of life and death over every Nigerian. Top politicians and business executives who had sympathy for pro-democracy struggle in Nigeria were gruesomely murdered.

Inspector Fred Ugo of the Homicide section of Nigerian Police Force headquarters was assigned to lead the investigation.

The tread of the investigation led to a second killer who sneaks in and murder the victims before the arrival of the Elite SS Squad Of the Directorate of Military Intelligence.

Three people were on trail of this mysterious killer, Captain Sabo Yakubu, the leader of the SS Strike Squad of the Directorate of Military Intelligence. Inspector Fred Ugo, and fiery lawyer and pro-democracy activist Rotimi Jegede. Where will the trail lead to?