PAST TENSE by Malcolm McDonald

Book Cover: PAST TENSE by Malcolm McDonald

Twelve Monkeys’ meets 24.

The leaders of four countries tiered of what they see as America’s unchecked bullying of the rest of the world ban together to put a stop to it.  Each leader has been personally and tangibly affected by the United States.

They form a shadowy cabal whose sole purpose is the destruction of the United States.  The Four world leaders attempt to destroy America goes horribly wrong.

Instead of Destroying America they destroy every living sole on the planet, except for a few hundred survivors huddled together in a secret facility located beneath the white house.  The survivors of humanity struggle to survive, and deal with the loss of everyone they have ever known, and loved in one fell swoop.

Their only hope is Arcadia Smith, the only child born after the apocalypse.  He has been augmented and is trained from the age of four to travel back in time and save humanity. Alone, against the combined might of four nuclear supers powers Arcadia Travels the globe to stop the four leaders from destroying the world again.