To the Next Generation of Evangelical Leaders by Michael Antonacci 

To the next generation of evangelical leaders

Are evangelicals focusing on the true worship of Christ and his message through the Holy Spirit or are they politicizing Christianity?

In this sober and well-reasoned examination of the American Evangelical movement's shift toward partisan politics, Michael Antonacci calls us to stop the politicization of Christianity.

Calling upon his own life experiences, he examines how the current generation of evangelical leaders have harmed the true church by their partisan political endorsements. This has contributed to a dilution of Christ's messages and a growing exodus of the younger generation from the church.

Michael Antonacci challenges stereotypes around evangelical Christians and gives new leaders suggestions on how to pivot away from politicized Christianity.

According to Mr. Antonacci, the church's spiritual message of love and forgiveness and the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus should be paramount. While evangelicals do have to sometimes speak on political matters, he advises that instead of siding only with one political party and being known as the Religious Right, we need to be known as Christian Independents.

"God's work is higher than partisan politics," Mr. Antonacci reminds us. "My prayers and hope are that the Next Generation of Evangelical Leaders will first be spirit-led. That they will keep politics at a distance and not be used by anyone except Jesus Christ."