The Plainview Lottery by Markas Dvaras

Book Cover: The Plainview Lottery by Markas Dvaras

A humorous satire about the human condition

How Could a Lottery be a Mistake?

Welcome to Plainview-- a town with everything going for it, and with none of the problems one would expect to see in a typical American town. No poverty, no homelessness, no unemployment-- not even a litter problem.

But all that changes when five mysterious strangers show up in the town square one day, pulling a wagon-load of gold bars behind them. They're going to run a lottery for Plainview, with the gold as the grand prize. With little discussion, Plainview readily agrees-- and that's the first in a series of hilarious mistakes.

Is the Lottery a Scam?

Now meet James Henderson-- he's an award-winning journalist for Plainview's local paper, The Plainview Review. He suspects they are being swindled after he notices there are no winning numbers being drawn. Yet the residents of Plainview are becoming obsessed, and soon start losing their jobs while focusing on the gold bars.

Can James prove anything for his article? Can he stop his hometown from succumbing to "Lottery Fever?" Does it even matter?

A satire on economics and the human condition, The Plainview Lottery will have you rethinking how money is supposed to work.