No Happy Endings by Gábor Eichammer

No Happy Endings by Gábor Eichammer
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Gábor Eichammer (the Oakhammer) is an author, illustrator and occasional stand-up comedian. He's won several short story writing competitions, and his stories were published in three separate compilation books in Hungary. This is his first book written entirely in English.

No Happy Endings contains seven short stories all of which were written and illustrated throughout a single year. The stories cover a wide array of genres such as horror, fantasy, suspense, introspective thrillers, and even a personal myth.

A lover trades in his heart and skin for shapes of wild animals while aiming to escape heartache, baldness itches another poor man’s soul. An unwilling accountant gets dragged aboard a shoddy vessel to oversee a trading mission with casually cannibalistic islanders. A tattoo on a girl’s arm portrays a serpentine green dragon, which spirals its tail deep into drug abuse.

A couple revives their marriage by spicing things up both in the kitchen and the bedroom. The husband mixes the sauce, and the wife blushes plenty at his hairy forearms. A powerful entity in a mist ridden magical landscape splits himself into many personalities and bodies to combat loneliness. A misanthropic loner guards a blonde boy against a scruffy old wolf, but does he?

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