The Wicked Wolves of Windsor: and other fairytales by Byrd Nash

The Wicked Wolves ofWindsor by Byrd Nash
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Explore fairytales with a twist in these magical stories featuring strong women.
Meet a talking horse that tells only lies and a magical raven who speaks in riddles. Find powerful witches, cursed wolves, and fae changelings in medieval castles, modern skyscrapers, and Regency ballrooms in this short story collection.


(Note: This is a fantasy collection of fairytales reminiscent of the original source material so is best suited for adult readers.)



The Wicked Wolves of Windsor

"I'm not going to eat you," said the wolf as he kept pace with the bicycle. "I only want to talk."

Between the wicked wolves of the Wild Hunt and her father, Irish girl Doireann needs all of her wits to survive. A dark retelling of Red Riding Hood with domestic violence set in post WWI England.

The Queen's Favorite

Feeling the rough scaliness of his hand, the queen could only whisper, "The witch lies, sire. Who knows what mischief she wanted to cause between us?"

Queen Elaine and her talking horse must find the courage to speak truth to free themselves from the clutches of a monster. An empowering, healing story set in a medieval landscape.

Milking Time

It was as if royalty or a two-headed goat had come among them. He looked expensive and rich. He reeked of sorcery.

A magical fantasy in which a farm girl must win a duel against a sorcerer in order to gain a prize pig.

The Prince Learns a Lesson

A graduate student must complete the impossible task: transform a spoiled prince within three days. A fun, modern magical fairytale with heart.

A Society of Heartless Women

When two Fae debutantes take Regency Bath by storm gossip over teacups become tempests. A twisted dark fairytale during the time of Jane Austen.

Granny Starseed

Between drownings and gunfire, what will it take to get granny to leave? A hippy witch upsets the lives of her three sons when she comes for a visit. A Goldilocks retelling inspired by the original Robert Southey story but with a modern twist. A favorite among readers and witches.