The novice ghost hunter by Martin J. Best

The novice ghost hunter by Martin J Best

From the haunted mind of paranormal investigator and author Martin J. Best, comes the first novella in the eerie Ghost Hunter series.
Reticent ghost hunter Malachi Hunter desperately aches to be one of the crowd. However, due to his peculiar fascination with everything supernatural, Mal sees little chance of that ever happening. Branded as a misfit and outcast. Well, he may be a timorous oddball on the surface, but deep inside his soul Mal burns with an inextinguishable passion to be an intrepid ghost hunter. The problem is the fact that these two goals simply don’t mesh too well. That is until he meets the gorgeous yet arrogant Anna Spalding. She has a proposition for Mal which is right up his alley!
Beautiful Anna Spalding may be conceited, yet hapless Mal cannot help but be wholly captivated by her. Further, when Anna presents Mal with the chance to investigate a potentially haunted property, he cannot believe his good luck. Two birds with one stone as it may be! However, when this novice ghost hunter conducts his paranormal investigation, he unleashes a creepy aftermath which nobody expected- or was prepared for.
The time has come for Mal to truly show his mettle… or has his future already been decided for him?
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