Mr. CEO Jerk by Loni Ree

Mr CEO jerk
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That spilled coffee was not my fault!
That jerk knocked it over himself and ruined my day. Not the other way around.
I was supposed to be celebrating my graduation while saying goodbye to my workmates when that stuck-up suit got in the way and had the audacity to blame me. I can’t stop fuming over it.
I don’t care how well that suit molded to his broad shoulders, or how chiseled his jaw is. That behavior was unwarranted.
He was acting no better than the kindergarteners I’ll be teaching.
Some people are just too good looking for their own good, and I kinda hate that I noticed that…


Sure, the coffee thing was my fault, and I acted like a grouch when I should have been offering to clean it up. But I was caught off guard, and I’m never caught off guard.
One minute, I was rushing through my day, and the next, I was spellbound by the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t forget her. I know she’s too young, but my heart and soul already belong to her. The girl owns me and she doesn’t even know it.
I have to find her…

Fate brings Tate face to face with temptation. Now, he’ll need to stop fighting the inevitable and starting fighting to prove to his girl that he isn’t the big jerk she first saw.