TALES from the AETHER by Matthew C. Woodruff

Tales from the aether
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In this extraordinary collection of 'dark' short stories, Award-winning writer Matthew C. Woodruff explores the timeless questions of Joy, Fear, Love, Loss, Foreboding and Incomprehension. All set around particular holidays, the characters in these twelve stories experience things we can only imagine. These stories will make the reader stop to wonder if anyone ever really knows those closest to them or even the world around them.

After a night of New Years Eve revelry, a man awakens to strange, inexplicable and unknowable circumstances... is this real or all in his mind?

A handsome stranger reunites a grieving mother with her lost daughter on Valentines Day- but not in a way anyone would want.

Easter was celebrated long before Christianity and now these two mothers are connected over thousands of years and by the twin fates of their daughters.

A wedding should be a wonderful experience, but what if you are waylaid into an unknown realm?

A Mothers Day gift offers one person the chance of a lifetime, or does it?

An unusual universe where life unfolds one fateful box at a time offers a wonderful Father's Day gift.

Life was mundane for Dana, but the after-life? Well, that was nothing like he expected.

One police sergeant has always had the unusual ability to 'see' a person's soul - one Halloween he gets the chance to find out what his own looks like.

Meshelle always had a strange sense of foreboding when destiny was about to take a unkind hand in her life, this Christmas season was no different.

These and the rest of the tales are full of humor and honesty, weirdness and chills. Each of these tales will leave a lasting impression on the reader and make them look at the universe in a new way.