Dreams, Desires And Dead Ends by Robin Chappell

Dreams desires and dead ends
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"Dreams, Desires And Dead Ends" is his Collection of Short Stories from a relatively dark period of the Authors Life. It represents Tales of both the Darker side as well as the Lighter Side. As is said on the back Cover, Stories ranging from "Gritty Realism to Magical Realism, with a few stops in between."

It also represents the length and breadth of his various Writing Styles and Characters, those that are more of the "dead end" sort, as well as those of the "Dreams and Desires" end of the spectrum as well.

The Stories deal with Revelations un-desired and un-looked for. Stories of "What If" from MetaLand, and Romantic variations on themes of Denial and Redemption.

This is the First Book of Robin's, but not the last. His next Books will be four Novels from his previously written Screenplays. Those Novels represent more of 'the spectrum.' From Romantic Dramas with Comedic elements, to harrowing Psychological Thrillers with Romantic Elements. One of the Novels to come, will also be what he calls Metaphysical Fiction with much Darker Horror elements, but whose focus is on Transcendence -- no matter how Dark the Times become.

His books touch on "Aging" (especially when it comes to Women and age discrimination); the Nature of Good and Evil (and sometimes which is which); Emotional Denial and entanglement. The Nature of Power, and of Money, and whether they make someone happy.

He has finished seven Feature Screenplays, along with seven Short Scripts ranging from Comedic Commentary to Science Fiction. He also has some sixty other different Projects which range from Concepts and Working Plots, to Scripts which are 50-70 pages, still in progress. Or as they say in The Industry, "in various stages of Development."