Sigma Protocol (Jane Poole Genesis Part One) by Michael Penmore

Sigma Protocol: Jane Poole Genesis Part One by Michael Penmore
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A failing starship. A killer on the loose. A woman without memory. Can she escape with her life - and answers?

Disoriented and alone, Sigma wakes from enforced sleep with questions that need to be answered. Who is she? Where is she? How did she end up in this place? With only a cryptic message from the ship’s AI to guide her, the determined survivor sets out on a race against time to uncover the desperate story of Starship Copernicus and its crew.

Sigma Protocol is the fast-paced first episode in the Jane Poole Genesis describing the beginnings of Jane Poole, aka Sigma.

Breakneck-speed action, mysterious identities, shadowy conspiracies, starships, AIs, droids and adventures among the stars abound in this explosive short introduction to Michael Penmore’s page-turning series.