When Pigs Fly by David Swan

When pigs fly

Three Novellas in One contains 3 stories.

The first story 'Anna and the Moon' is about a woman who seeks revenge through magic. After the death of her Mother and a messy divorce, Anna wants to escape and build a new life by the sea. When Anna meets a new man she at last feels her life is turning around, but Marcus has many faces and none of them are kind. What Marcus doesn't expect is that Anna's mother's friend has a box full a magic tricks, and Marcus is about to receive his comeuppance.

The second story concerns a man who was murdered by his wife, because she was possessed by a demon. He is reborn into the body of a pig but remembers who he used to be. Luckily for him the policeman's wife is an animal psychic and can sense something is wrong. Will the two plump detectives be able to save the man's wife from the dark side? Or will the pig be turned into another bacon sandwich?

The final story is about a world where humans have turned into dogs. Only when they rise up against their fascists enemies do they see themselves as human again. A dark tale warning us of a possible totalitarian future where everything looks beautiful but nobody is free.