The Golden Rule by Doris Fisher

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure brings one of the most important virtues to life through augmented reality. Our young readers love the interactive animations, fun music, and narrations-and parents love the opportunity to teach children a story of kindness and compassion.

To use: Simply download the app from the App Store or Play Store (The Golden Rule by The Wunder Company), point the camera device at The Golden Rule book, and watch Duggin and his friends come to life!

The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure is best enjoyed with an iPad, Android tablet or mobile device.

Why Augmented Reality?

With the help of a tablet or mobile device, augmented reality turns storytime into a 3D experience! And it's more than just "wow" factor. Interactive and immersive storytelling has been shown to increases focus, retention, and spatial awareness.

Benefits of Augmented Reality books:

  • Fun and immersive storytelling
  • Increased focus for visual and interactive learners
  • Interactive stories help build emotional links and increase retention
  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Unique sensory experience assists with the development of nerve connections, motor skills, language, and problem-solving skills

About the book

Duggin is an energetic and friendly little koala. He loves going to school and playing with his friends, but doesn't always see the impact of his actions. Join him as he gets into a little trouble-and then learns how to make it right.