Christmas Wishes by Multiple Authors

Christmas wishes
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A sweet Christmas boxed set that revolves around the well and citizens of Hopeful, Colorado. Filled with love, miracles and magic. Our stories have different heat levels to them so you get to pick and choose what amount of heat you are in the mood for. 1 chili pepper is for sweet and clean, 2 is a little steamier and 3 is as hot as you are going to get in our Christmas set. Come learn about the magic of Hopeful’s wishing well.

A Winter’s Wish –-Sometimes our wishes come true but with complications.
~Caroline Clemmons

Wish Upon a Well – Can the wishing well work its magic and bring Abigail home safely?
~ Susan Horsnell

Wishing Well Serenade – Will Emmie’s wish be granted?
~ Margaret Tanner

Molly’s Christmas Miracle – Can Molly and Daniel overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to be together?
~ Cheryl Wright

Hindsight Wishes – It’s never too late to change your future...
~RaeAnne Hadley

Hopefully Yours –When all else fails, make a wish…
~ Deb Julienne

A Moonlight Wish-Wishing for love is a tricky business.
~ Alice Kay

The Christmas Experiment- “Wish” is a four-letter word. Like “Love”.
~ Katherine Moore

Midnight Kiss- Starting over can be like lighting a dumpster fire.
~ Jude Ouvrard

Never Too Late- Can Sophie and Dylan give themselves a second chance or has the time that passed too much for them to take?
~ Ana Balen

Passionate Wishes- Wishes do come true…if you let them.
~ Barbra Campbell

Burning Wishes- Was Hannah’s father missing because he struck gold?
~ Pamela Jane Larson

A Christmas Fairytale- Wishes are only granted in fairytales, aren’t they?
~ Corinne Mazille

A Stocking Full of Wishes- Granted wishes are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes to see them.
~ R.A. Lingenfelter

Harper's Wish- Could making a wish at the town’s wishing well help bring her the family she’d always wanted?
~ Krista Ames