Shortcut to Korean by Skip the Subtitles

Shortcut to Korean

How to pick up Korean quickly and effortlessly even if you don’t want to study complicated grammar! Keep reading to discover a done-for-you method that is both fun and effective...

You are interested in the Korean language! Congratulations because Korean has become one of the hottest languages in the world today and will continue to be in the future because the K-wave craze is not slowing down.

According to a report by the Korean Foundation, as of 2020, the total number of members who have joined K-wave related groups and organizations across the world have reached nearly 100 million and its number of members has been rising around 36% each year!

To be relevant and one-step ahead of others when it comes to popular music / entertainment / culture, and impress everyone around you, it is up to YOU to take the first step today to learn Korean!

If learning a language sounds daunting, don’t panic.

Learning Korean isn't exactly easy, but it’s much easier and requires less time than you think once you have the right tools to fast-track your way to speaking and understanding the most popular music, shows and culture in the world right now.

Ok so now you really want to learn Korean but don’t want to study a language academically (learning grammar, attending class, paying for a tutor and having to do exams)….If these traditional learning methods turn you off, you are not alone.

For the sake of time, I won't go into detail, but instead save you from these troubles to begin with.

You can skip all that and save 80% of your energy and hours of your life, and still be able to pick up and use Korean immediately if you just have the right tools.

Luckily you are about to discover the shortcut method and cheat-sheet formula to understand and speak Korean effortlessly and effectively:

In Shortcut to Korean, you'll discover:

  • 1500+ words and phrases you can use immediately
  • How to avoid learning complicated grammar but still grasp how Korean sentences are constructed using a non-conventional yet effective method
  • Why you don’t need to be a quick learner to learn quick
  • How to expand and retain Korean vocabulary and basic grammar structures without actively trying
  • How to introduce yourself, make friends, exchange social media contacts, discuss your favorite K-pop and K-drama topics, and even talk to Korean celebrities
  • Phrases and expressions the modern day Korean would say that you won’t be able to find in traditional language textbooks
  • How to be prepared to use Korean in every social situation (dining, dating, school, work, concerts, travelling, emergencies, pandemic, special occasions)

and much more…

As a free bonus, you´ll get a decoded guide to find out what you may have missed behind the subtitles of the number 1 Netflix show in the world right now!

Most people who give up while learning a language are a result of not having a method that the learner can easily understand. Or they were not learning with content that they can relate to and enjoy immersing themselves with.

But its from your perspective that we tackle the hurdles of language learning so your experience is as pleasant, enjoyable, and effective as possible. Since this book is developed with a simple done-for-you and easy to follow formula, you will be taking a shortcut to Korean and will be able to understand and speak it immediately.

So even if you’ve never picked up a new language in your life, you can still become fluent in Korean.