Rapidly Learn Japanese Speech in 7 Days or Less by R. Anderson

Rapidly learn japanese

How to Speak Japanese Like a Native in as Little as a Week

Have you been struggling to master the Japanese language and are looking for a guide that will help you fast-track the learning process?

Are you dying to explore the Japanese culture and history, experience a fascinating ride on the lightning-fast Shinkansen train, or indulge in Japanese cuisine? A trip to Japan is filled with adventure and incredible experience, but you would have to learn some Japanese basics first.

Or maybe you like eating at Japanese restaurants, and next time you want to order in hyōjungo?

Japanese is the 6th most popular language studied in colleges, with thousands of new students enrolling in Japanese language classes every year.

Even if you don’t want to travel to Japan or eat sushi, learning Japanese might just put you ahead of your competition, especially for job opportunities.

Learning Japanese is without a doubt not a walk in the park, but you can make it one by using the right guide, such as this handbook.

Written in a simple tone, Rapidly Learn Japanese Speech in 7 Days or Less is an integrated approach to mastering Japanese language essentials, including grammar, usage, and vocabulary.

In Rapidly Learn Japanese Speech in 7 Days or Less, you will discover:

  • The basics of the Japanese language, including greetings and other key phrases, you can use while travelling to help you communicate with the natives
  • Illustrations in the Japanese text, their pronunciation, and the English translation that even beginners can follow
  • Useful vocabulary based on cultural relevance to help you blend in with native speakers
  • A comprehensive guide on how to communicate in family and relationship settings to help you build solid and lasting relations with the natives
  • How to communicate in Japanese when eating out or shopping for easy manoeuvring when in Tokyo or other cities in Japan
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter to help you gauge your mastery levels and perfect your language skills

And much more…

If you feel like it’s too late for you and that there is no way for you to grasp the Japanese language within a short period, this guide will prove you wrong - it follows a simplistic approach to help you speak Japanese like you’d never imagine you could.

Without the hefty price of language classes, this guide will be the solid foundation you need to boost your language skills and widen your knowledge on other cultures.