Bullies, Friends and Taekwondo Dr Kathleen M Favaloro DC PT

Bullies friends and taekwando

Tommy, a shy yellow belt, must find a way to help his friends with the bullies at school. But how?
Tommy seeks advice from his parents and his wise Grand Master. But when he comes face to face with three bullies all at once, Tommy needs to think quickly.

Follow Tommy's journey into the world of Taekwondo philosophy, and meet the unexpected friends he makes along the way as he struggles to overcome his fear and find a unique, nonviolent solution to the school bullies.

Bullies, Friends and Taekwondo provides insight into bullies and the "mean mask" they wear to cover up their own insecurities and weakness and opens the door to transformation and change. The unexpected twists and turns in this book will give you hope and make you smile.

Readers will see that Taekwondo is about so much more than kicking and punching, it's about planting and nurturing the seeds of self-confidence, perseverance, respect, courtesy, focus, self-control and inner strength in the hearts of their students to make the world a better, kinder, and safer place to be.