The Guilty Parents – Screen Kids by J & K Woods

The guilty parents screen kids

Discover how to strike the perfect screen-time balance -- have your children reap the benefits of technology without the negative consequences

Do you find screen-time being one of the main causes for arguments between you and your children?

In this digital age, you may find yourself worrying that your child is spending more time in front of a screen rather than playing outside, learning something new, or socializing with family.

It’s almost impossible to get away from technology.

Tablets, smartphones, laptops... are all essential parts of life today.

They’re used for work, for communicating with loved ones, and for learning.

But all you ever hear is how technology is rotting the brains of your kids, preventing them from developing social skills and exposing them to violence.

What you need to know is: all this stigma around technology is often misinformed.

There is no doubt that overexposure to anything can be harmful.

But when you apply technology in the right way, you can uncover the endless benefits it can bring to your child, as well as your relationship with your kids.

The quality of the digital content we expose our kids to is what makes the difference.

It’s about leaning into the positives of screen-time while being aware of when it becomes a negative.

You will be familiar with the life motto ‘everything in moderation’.

When you know how to apply this to your child’s technology use, you eliminate the negative impact it can have on their life.

In The Guilty Parents—Screen Kids, you will discover:

  • The essential tools to moderate technology use in your kids’ lives, manage your own worry and anxiety, and maintain a happy family
  • A well-researched guide to help you navigate screen-time and know how to set healthy limits
  • Types of screen-time -- the truth behind what is beneficial and what can be dangerous
  • The myths about technology use and unhealthy amounts of digital exposure -- debunked
  • A strategy for when to set screen-time rules -- and when to let go of them
  • The online activities and video games that can inspire creativity, boost problem-solving skills, and educate… all at the same time
  • Practical information to help you set reasonable rules and sensible boundaries that work for your family

And much more.

As a parent, it’s natural to worry.

But you don’t need to be afraid of screen-time when you know how to manage it in a healthy way.

You don’t have to feel guilty for letting your child watch their favorite Netflix show once in a while, or agonize about not spending enough time together as a family.

Now, you can know exactly how you can make the most of technology while strengthening your bond with your kids.

If you want to know how your kids can use technology in a productive and positive way, then get this book now!