Equity InSight by Ethan Cruz

Achieving Equity In Education With Social-Emotional Learning And Universal Design For Learning

Equity Insight

Did you feel truly prepared for the real world after you graduated? If you want to know how to make sure your students are being prepared for the real world, then keep reading...

A report produced in 2018 for CASEL showed that 52% of recent graduates believed they were not prepared for success after high school. It is not a secret that the education system is full of flaws, and students are not being taught the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills they need for everyday life.

On top of that, schools don't know how to handle diversity. We talk about being inclusive, but the curriculum is structured as a standard for every student, but every student has different skills, interests, struggles, needs, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles. This is causing many students to perform poorly because they are forced to follow the standard. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) focuses on creating equity in school by making education adaptable and flexible. That way, every single student can perform at their best and learn what matters.

Education desperately needs to change. That's why this book is going to inspire you and guide you to start changing the lives of your students little by little. In Equity Insight, you will find:

  • How to make UDL easy to implement
  • What makes a great teacher
  • How to start making a change even when you have no support
  • Why having SEL skills is more important than a college degree
  • How to identify what your students really need
  • Why SEL and UDL are the keys to a better future
  • The best way to start SEL in your classroom with a $0 budget

Every student needs to feel supported and valued. What are you waiting for to start making a change in your student's life? Students have never been more in need of Social-Emotional skills than in this time of uncertainty, anxiety, and depression.