First Time Father’ Baby’s First Year by Thomas Alfie

babys first year

Being a first-time dad can be scary, but with the right guide, anything is possible.

Is your little bundle of joy finally in the world, but you can’t help but freak out about all the responsibility?

Are you constantly overwhelmed with the emotions that come with fatherhood that you can’t seem to think straight?

Are you sick and tired of not having enough parenting guides out there for fathers and need something catered to what you are looking for?

Look no further!

Most parenting books out there only seem to be for mothers -- but you’ve probably already noticed that…

No one is helping the dads through the responsibilities of fatherhood...

Fatherhood can be one of the most beautiful roles you take on in your lifetime, if you play your cards right.

Inside, you will find the resources you need to travel down the line with your newborn baby and create an everlasting bond between father and child.

Be patient, take your time, and master the art of fatherhood!

In First Time Father’s Baby’s First Year, you will discover:

  • The preparational steps you need to take before your baby is born – educate yourself, broaden your knowledge, and learn to do things right from the start
  • The inspirational role of a father and how early involvement can make or break your child’s development
  • How to prioritize when you’re raising your newborn baby – uncover the ups and downs and prepare yourself for the challenges
  • The best way to balance your work-life and parent-life – ensure that you are there for your child while still providing for your family
  • Helpful information on a newborn’s development – know all about their emotional, mental, and social advancements in life
  • The true needs of your child – surefire ways to build an everlasting relationship with your toddler filled with trust and love
  • Some of the best advice that new dads need to evolve during fatherhood and give their children the best life they deserve

And much more.

Fatherhood is a journey.

If you’re still overwhelmed and scared about the idea of raising a child successfully, that’s perfectly normal.

Everyone gets nervous the first time around, and that’s why First Time Father’s Baby’s First Year is here to provide you with the right advice and guidance.

Understanding what your child is going through, their development, and their emotions will put you ahead of the parenting game!

It’s time to step up and become the best dad out there.