The Elementary Bugler by Scott Sterling

The elementary bugler

Learn how to play the Bb trumpet today!

Learn the foundational elements of Trumpet playing while not being concerned with learning how to use the valves. In The Elementary Bugler you will find a bunch of limited-range bugle calls, all composed by the author, that are not technically challenging to play, fun and, most importantly, accessible for the beginning Trumpet player.

When he was a volunteer Bugler with Bugles Across America playing Taps at Military

Funerals, he asked himself, "How could the playing of Bugle Calls help my Brass students get

better?" He started composing Limited-Range Bugle Calls that use only partials 2, 3 & 4 of the

Overtone Series. In this book you can find twenty-two of those Limited-Range Bugle Calls, and more…

Inside, you’ll discover how to:

Play the trumpet the right way

Have a good "buzz" on the Trumpet mouthpiece.

Being able to articulate clearly.

This book is perfect for beginning brass players, their parents, and Elementary School Music programs.

Get The Elementary Bugler today!