Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami

Illustrated by YOU!

Wendell and Wanda
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Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami

Written by Christopher Davy
Illustrated by YOU!

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is the eBOOK version.
Only by using certain devices can you download the eBook and print it off.
If you buy the eBook you can still enjoy the story.
Just create your artwork on something else and then copy the story on to it.
There is a PAPERBACK version available.

Wendell and Wanda
Like to sit and ponder
Just like you and me

They live in a place
There’s lots to do and see

Now with a rhyme
And a pinch of idea
Can you add all the pictures
Make the story appear?

Wendell and Wanda is a special kind of book. It is a D.I.Y. book - Draw It Yourself!
Anyone, of any age, can enjoy creating the artwork to go with the story inside!
When you are done, if you want to, take a photo and share what you have created with the world using: