New Parent’s Guide to Baby Sleep Training by N. Baker

baby sleep training

The secret to saying goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a full night's rest…

With a new baby comes all of the joys of parenthood -- first words, first smiles, first moments of laughter.

But it also comes with long, sleep-deprived nights, tears and fussing, and the struggle of trying to decode your baby's cries.

Raising a baby can feel like an endless rollercoaster of trial and error as you attempt to navigate novel experiences and developmental milestones that can be both thrilling and stress-inducing at the same time.

Many parents dread bedtime because they resign themselves to an inevitable wake-up call after only a few hours of sleep, thinking that this experience is unavoidable.

However, the secret to building positive sleep habits and encouraging your baby to settle back to sleep independently is much simpler than you've been led to believe.

There's no need for fancy courses or months of drawn out sleep training that leaves you and your partner desperate for a single night of rest.

In fact, you can start seeing differences in just 7 days with a consistent and patient approach.

Natalie Baker knows firsthand just how much of a struggle those early months can be. As a mother of three, she's experienced it all -- colicky babies, sleep regressions, you name it.

Drawing on the latest research, as well as tried and true strategies from parents who have been in your shoes, she lays out the guidelines for an easy transition from sporadic naps to consistently sleeping through the night.

In A New Parent’s Guide to Baby Sleep Training, you will discover:

  • Tips and tricks for creating a bedroom environment that encourages positive sleep-wake cycles that works in tandem with your baby's natural rest stages
  • The appropriate timeline for when to start sleep training, and the developmental periods that should be avoided
  • Common mistakes that parents make when teaching their baby to self-soothe
  • How to recognize when your baby is ready to sleep based on the unique behaviors shown at different ages
  • The important distinction between the "cry it out" method and gradual extinction approaches, and why understanding the difference can change your entire sleep experience
  • What sleep associations are, and how to identify if your child is developing positive or negative rest habits

And much more.

With something as important as sleep, you want to make sure that you're taking the right approach to instill positive habits in your baby.

Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn the step-by-step method that will transform your nightly experience, without dragging out the process for weeks and weeks.

What's most important is that you practice patience, not just with your baby but with yourself. Remember that you're doing the best you can, and eventually things will fall into place.