Complete Spanish Workbook – Adult Beginners by ExploreToWin

Complete spanish workbook

How amazing would it feel if learning conversational Spanish came naturally to you?
Learning a brand new language, especially Spanish, can seem extremely daunting for students. Unfortunately, 80% of students give up before ever becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish... which means they’ll never be able to unlock and experience all the amazing social treasures the language provides.It’s not the students who are to blame though, in actuality, it is the majority of Spanish language products on the market today. Most learning guides and workbooks will carelessly dispense a dizzyingly disorganized list of Spanish words in front of you like lottery numbers and expect that to be enough to sow the seeds of conversational fluency.This is why we teamed up with a world class Spanish coach—who is responsible for teaching celebrities, politicians, and over 1,000+ students Spanish quickly, acing their assessments and surpassing all their goals—to bring you this ultimate Spanish workbook - consciously curated to make you conversational, fast!In order to transform your Spanish speaking capabilities, this workbook includes very specific elements inside, such as:

  • A comprehensive, organized guide of essential words you’ll use in EVERYDAY conversation. This isn’t just a random list of scattered words—these carefully selected words will be the bread & butter of the vocabulary you’ll use in 80% of your conversations. Accompanied by a brief definition, contextual example, and a phonetic pronunciation aid for each word, so you can employ them in action immediately.
  • Punch-packing phrases that you can quickly whip out to convey your message and be understood by others quickly and clearly... every single time. Your days of being misunderstood by Spanish speakers, and not being considered ‘one of them’ will be over once and for all when you begin to include these practical phrases in your Spanish arsenal.
  • Exclusive activities and carefully crafted quizzes thoughtfully plugged in by a world class language coach to help you RETAIN the plethora of Spanish secrets held inside this guide. What separates successful students from unsuccessful students is their ability to retain what they have learnt. This workbook will guarantee your place in the first group... even with no prior Spanish education.
  • A vast array of categories are conveniently arranged for your ease of access, ranging from ‘Restaurants & Bars’ to ‘Business & Work’. Learn to wield your Spanish skills effectively in all contexts; double down and master one area, or both. The choice is entirely yours and with the freedom within this workbook, you can’t make any mistakes.The benefits of learning Spanish are truly mind-blowing; it gives you the tools you need to boost your happiness exponentially, keep your brain sharp with your memory intact, and enrich all aspects of your life—especially socializing!The good news is you can get started now, and enjoy all these benefits simply by cracking open the covers of this book.Never again will you have to worry about being one of those students that have a difficult time comprehending Spanish and eventually just give up. Instead, do yourself a favor by opening your mind to all the amazing benefits Spanish will have on your life, by purchasing your copy of this, the ultimate Spanish workbook, today!