Fantastically Twisted by Ava May

Fantastically Twisted by Ava May

Tales of Unconventional Heroes: Classic Wisdom for Modern Life

Beloved classics? Yes. Same stories? Absolutely not.

Featuring 19 Short Stories where each one takes a well-known character and propels them into uncharted territories creating surprising alliances and fresh perspectives that challenge the very essence of the original tales.

✅ Quick Tales for Busy Days: Get your story fix without the extended novel dedication.
Tales that Teach: For when you wish to delve into a story, get lost, and emerge with a nugget of wisdom.
Mix 'n' Match: Dip in and out, anytime, in no particular order.
✅ Beyond the Usual: Stories designed to push your imagination's boundaries.

Note from Ava:
This book is NOT your grandfather's guide to classic literature.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Pinocchio & Geppetto crack cases.
  • Peter Pan meets Dracula.
  • Houdini mentors Sherlock Holmes.
  • A monstrous alliance: Frankenstein & Mr. Hyde
  • ... and many more.

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