Raised Smart: by Dalton Smith

Raised Smart From a Father's point of view by Dalton Smith
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Learn: Dalton Smith's style and methods he used to raise a smart daughter. Raised Smart is for fathers or anyone who wants to raise a smart daughter. Read it now and start to implement the methods today!

Fatherhood is older than humanity itself, somehow it still manages to be complicated.
It can be even more daunting when you’re a first-time father, especially of a little girl. It does not have to be, though.

Inside you will discover:

  • Things to do before she is born.
  • The  most important thing you should do now.
  • How to raise her IQ.
  • leaving her be actually is a blessing in disguise.
  • Critical mistakes to avoid.

...And so much more!

Raising a smart daughter is important.

The lessons you teach her could shape her attitudes for the rest of her life, and influence her decisions, her career path, and ultimately determine how she ends up. Yes, raising a girl is very different from raising a boy, and it is important to acknowledge that. That’s why Dalton Smith is here to break things down for you, passing on what he’s learned from raising his own beautiful firstborn daughter. Whether you're already the father of a little girl or you’re soon to be, Raised Smart from a father's point of view is for you.

From general health and wellbeing to the question of how to engage your daughter’s mind, and even the (oh, so dreaded!) conversations about sex, Dalton Smith walks you through the vital and rewarding job of fathering and raising a smart daughter!