Python Machine Learning: Beginner’s Guide by Mark Reed

Python machine learning

Are you a beginner programmer looking to learn Python Machine Learning? Are you concerned about how to transfer what you already know into Python?

If so, this book will help you in overcoming such challenges.

As machines get more sophisticated and handle more and more work to free up human time, new ideas arise to help us improve their efficiency and abilities.

in Python Machine Learning: The Ultimate Python Machine Learning Beginner's Guide Using Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow, you will gradually uncover knowledge and guidance on:

  • What exactly is machine learning
  • How to use Scikit-Learn & Tensorflow
  • The 5 V's of Big Data
  • Neural networks with Scikit-learn
  • Machine learning & the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • How to Implement KNN Algorithm
  • How to Determine the “k” Parameter
  • And so much more...

This book was developed primarily for novices, and the basic, step-by-step directionsand plain language make it an excellent place to begin for anybody with an interest in this fascinating topic. Python is a very great system that can give you with almost limitless options once you begin learning about it.

Get your copy of Python Machine Learning today and explore where the future is heading!