All Year through for Cute You by Volha Melgaard

All year through for cute you

‘All Year Through for Cute You!’ is the first book in the series ‘Social, Emotional Books for Kids’ (ages 6-9). Each season of the year has a different style of storytelling with a sense of magic in the heart. These stories are sprinkled with incredibly colourful illustrations to help children to develop a creative imagination.

This collection of short stories begins with ‘Blossom Spring is New Beginning’. This will teach children how to be nice to those smaller and weaker than them. The adventure starts when a child catches a butterfly fairy in a blossom garden.

The second story is ‘Hot Summer Will Show’. It follows a selfish Mermaid, who starts to develop real feelings for the first time in her life. Can this selfish Mermaid find a real friend forever?

Next is a tale called ‘The Mystery of Autumn’. During a cold, rainy day, a brother and sister are told stories by kind old Lady, which explains that life is a cycle of good and bad. To be able to have a good time, we need to learn how to deal with anything difficult that is thrown our way.

The last story, ‘A Christmas Gift for Kid’, is about the adventures of a child who has been good all year around. Therefore, Santa Clause decides to give him an amazing surprise.

The second book in the series ‘Social, Emotional Books for Kids’ is called ‘All Year Through with Naughty You!’ and is coming soon.