Classroom Management by Freya Fan

15 Strategies to Manage Challenging Behaviors and Create a Responsive Classroom

Classroom management

Say goodbye to worrying about low engagement and ineffective learning: this guide has everything you need to level up your classroom management.

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite the teacher you dreamed you could be?

Maybe you’ve experienced minimal engagement from your students during class, or you’ve been overwhelmed by low assessment scores.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the awful sinking feeling of being unable to resolve a class conflict.

Being a teacher, especially for the first time, can be a challenge. There’s nothing easy about managing a group of young children who are all learning how to navigate their emotions and learn new things each day.

Some educators, despite years of having worked in schools, still find difficulty in successfully managing their classes.

In fact, the University of Phoenix has found that a total of 77% of teachers have reported feeling stressed, and 75% have reported feeling anxious.

There are some that might just resort to thinking that “kids will always be kids,” and opt to leave their classroom as it is for the sake of a quiet life.

But what if you learned that it’s possible to manage your classroom, ensure consistent learning, and create a positive environment?

In Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers, here’s a fraction of what you will discover:

  • The preparations you can make from Day 1 -- to the practices you can implement until the end of the year-- to make learning fun
  • What personality traits can help a teacher create a positive classroom environment (and how you can find yours)
  • How you can link learning material to real life lessons, and give students the motivation to keep learning
  • Why communication matters inside a classroom setting (and how you can inspire your students to be more responsible about it)
  • How you can introduce and enforce class policies -- while getting your students to respect, understand, and participate in them
  • A fool-proof guide to recognizing and managing difficult behavior
  • What empathy and conflict resolution skills can do to improve relationships between you and your students -- and how to use them

And much more.

Avoid low engagement, ineffective learning, and low-quality relationships inside your classroom by preparing for the differing needs of your students.

Worried about experimenting with something as sensitive as classroom management?

Don’t fret -- this guide has everything you need to safely and successfully experiment with the different techniques that can create a positive classroom environment for you and your students.