Take Away My Anger by Rafiq Yousafzai

Take away my anger

In this rhyming story, John faces situations when he becomes angry and learns how to self-control his anger. By reading John’s story, your child aged 4-8 years will learn how to self-control their anger.

Written by a medical professional.
The author, Dr. Rafiq Yousafzai, MD, DCP, Ph.D., is a medical doctor with a diploma in community pediatrics and a Ph.D. in life sciences from Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Beautiful color illustrations—The story engages children with big illustrations for each specific situation when John becomes angry and how he manages his anger.

Simple and easy-to-understand language for 4-8 years children—the rhyming story is written in an easy-to-understand language for the target age.

Nine activities with illustrations to control anger—the book contains nine activities towards the end that illustrates in simple terms how the kids can manage their anger

Add this book to your cart, and help your 4-8 years child control their anger in a fun way.