Raising a Puppy Training Book by Brian Mahoney

Raising a puppy by Brian Mahoney

Easy Step by Step Care Guide

You want a Puppy, but you don't know the first thing about raising one. It's O.K. The expert step by step help you need is here:

This easy to understand, step by step guide book will give you all the information you need, to understanding the best way to raise your puppy into a healthy, loving dog. Discover:

* The most Popular Dog Breeds

* Secrests to Selecting the Right Dog

* Understanding the Proper Food & Nutrition for Your Dog

* Quick & Easy House Training Instructions

* Essential Dog Training Commands Part I

* Essential Dog Training Commands Part II

* Expert Social & Behavioral Training

* Puppy Loving Health Care advice for the life of your Dog

There is nothing better than having a loving, lifetime, dependenable friend, like a dog. However, a disobedient, troublesome dog, can fill your life with lot's of stress and property damage.

Act know and get the knowledge you need, to have a happy, healthy, obedient puppy, that becomes that lifelong loving friend that you want