Ending the power struggle by Heather McMillan

Ending the power struggle

5 Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Every day feels like a battle of wills, your child on one side, you on the other. The back and forth struggle is never ending and exhausting. Who will win this tug-of-war and ultimately claim control? Will it ever end?

It can end, by using the five strategies described in Ending the Power Struggle. Learn how to implement strategies that don't require buy in from your child with disabilities Each chapter describes a strategy, explains why it is important, and helps you implement it effectively. A reference guide is included for each strategy that summarizes key points and aides in making a plan to move forward.

This quick read gives parents and caregivers the resources they need to change their child's challenging behavior regardless of age or ability. Toddlers to teens can all benefit from these approaches to difficult behaviors such as tantrums, noncompliance, refusing to follow directions, arguing, and aggression.