41 Ways to AMAZE Her by Gabriel Evans

41 ways to amaze her

Do you want the soon-to-be mother of your child to smile every time she sees you? The kind of guy who knows exactly what she needs to make her happy? Then you need to keep reading….

You are about to be a Dad! You can have the crib set up, a box of newborn diapers, and a couple of cigars stored away, but what about the most essential part of being an expectant dad? Taking care of a pregnant woman is a 24-hour job. There is much to learn, but don’t panic! Being an expectant father isn’t easy, but it’s much easier than you think once you understand what she needs from you. If you know how to make her life a little easier, your life will be easier too.

If your significant other just learned she’s pregnant or even if she’s in her third trimester,it’s not too late to learn everything expectant dads need to know. In 41 ways to AMAZE her, you will discover:

  • How much to budget for the baby’s arrival and strategies to cut down on spending
  • Effortless ways to sweep her off her feet
  • A fool-proof list of items Dad’s need to pack for a hospital birth
  • Why sex is so satisfying for her in the second trimester and ways her health will improve with more of it
  • Simple ways to help her sleep through the night without tossing and turning
  • How to energize your relationship with unforgettable dates guaranteed not to break the bank
  • Popular phone apps for expectant dads to make you look like a pro

and much more…

As a bonus, I will explain why YOU need to take time for yourself and ways to make it happen.

A lot of new dads do not know the first thing about pregnancy and babies, but I’ve provided everything you need to know in 41 easy-to-read chapters. You’ll become such an expert in how to make her beam with pride, you’ll make other dads jealous.

Even if this is your first child, you’ll be an expert in your field after reading this book.